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Propolis syrup Propolos-Mel is an ideal food supplement for the entire year, but especially developed for use during the cold months. No gluten.

propolis syrup

This syrup is formulated by selecting plants with protective properties against the adversities of winter. You have to shake well before taking it. One can see that is very thick. This thick, mucilage and pectin provided by plants, allowing more fluid and lubricate the throat on its way.

propolis tincture-gluten-free-

Propolis syrup ingredients: agave syrup, honey, water, elderberry juice, tincture of propolis Propolos-mel (2%), extracts of sage, Greater Plantain, lemon juice, thyme extract, pectin (soluble fiber extracted thickener fruit) and sorbic acid (food preservative). Take three times a day, adults one tablespoon (15ml) and children a teaspoon (10ml). 250ml content.
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